ubn 7-step cycle

Our curriculum reflects a co-creative approach, in which not only principles and methods are shared, but participants work together to actively engage in making cities and towns more resilient and in transforming their neighbourhoods.

During approximately one year in each stream (meaning, a set of region and context-specific webinars), you are guided through our programme in seven steps, listening into thematic modules that cover a range of aspects relevant for planning and realising green and blue cities. Face-to-face events in each region are planned to take place once or twice each stream.

Step 1. Join

Join a community of active subnational and local government planners and policy-makers, businesses, researchers, practitioners and interested citizens.

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Step 2. Explore

Explore how far your city has already come in strengthening urban nature and identify how to lift the barriers to integrating more nature into your city.

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Step 3. Prioritise

Prioritise urban challenges that nature-based interventions should help address in your city and elaborate indicators to help track the performance of selected interventions.

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Step 4. Commit and Plan

Learn how to foster commitment to common goals for urban nature and develop an action plan for your intervention, helping to get closer to the long-term vision of bringing nature back into your city.

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Step 5. Implement

Implement your plan by setting clear implementation phases within a realistic time span, making good use of the available resources.

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Step 6. Monitor

Monitor your implementation progress according to your identified indicators and evaluate the results.

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Step 7. Upscale

Develop a strategy to promote nature-based solutions in your city and region and replicate good practices by sharing them with other local governments.

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