Webinar: Ecosystem restoration and benefits of forests and urban trees


The first UrbanByNature webinar co-organised by REGREEN and CLEARING HOUSE projects will provide insights into the ecosystem restoration and the benefits of forests and street trees in urban areas of China. Speakers will share their experience in working collectively on initiatives that highlight benefits of forests and street trees in physical and mental health. They will highlight the restorative and cooling capacity of the urban forests and trees and will showcase initiatives applied in practice to improve urban living and address urban development challenges with urban nature. The webinar will take place on Zoom, 15:30-17:00 CST (9:30-11:00, CEST).


Part 1: REGREEN Topic: Restorative capacity of forests - science and practice (35 min) Presentations (20 min) [live presentation - 10 min each]

  • Academic talk: Forest and Human health: How to use the therapeutic power of forests
    • Presenter: Jun Yang, Professor, Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University
    • 森林与人类健康:如何运用森林的疗愈作用
    • 杨军,教授,清华大学地球系统科学系


  • Talk from city perspective: Forest Therapy and Green Benefits in Beijing
    • Presenter: Qianqian Shen, Senior Project Manager, Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau
    • 北京市森林疗养与市民绿色福祉
    • 申倩倩,高级项目主管,北京市园林绿化局


Part 2: CLEARING HOUSE Topic: Cooling effect of urban parks and urban trees  (35 min) Presentations (20 min) [live presentation - 10 min each]

  • Academic talk: Simulation of the cooling effects of green and cool roofs: A case study in Hangzhou
    • Presenter: Xuchao Yang, Professor, School of Oceanography, Zhejiang University
    • 杭州市绿色屋顶和冷屋顶对城市降温效应的模拟评估

    • 杨续超,教授,浙江大学海洋学院


  • Talk from city perspective: Landscape of the Xiamen Mountain-to-Sea Trail in Xiamen

    • Presenter: Qiuling Chen, Senior Landscape Designer and Director, landscape institute of Xiamen Municipal Engineering Design Institute

    • 关于厦门山海健康步道的绿化景观的思考

    • 陈秋玲 , 资深景观设计师,厦门市政工程设计院景观所所长

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